Scrap-A-Thon FAQs

What is the Scrap-A-Thon?

It is a free, casual, online sew along. Participants sew at their own pace with no deadline. Sew the patterns you enjoy with the fabrics you love. The event starts April 1 of each year and concludes March 31 of the following year. Sew as little or as much as you desire. There are not any deadlines.

The annual event will conclude with the optional SCRAPBUSTER SAMPLER, where we share a block a day during March 2022.

What is a “sew along”?

A “sew along” is an in-person or online sewing event with specific start/end dates hosted by a person(s) or business. People join together to sew online. Prizes may be awarded.

What is a “scrap”?

For the purposes of our event, we are defining a “scrap” as any piece of fabric. Use what makes you happy. Whether you are using tidbits, strings, leftovers, charms, layer cakes, fat quarters, or even yardage, you are invited to join us.

Think of it this way … Whether you are starting with scraps or yardage, there will be scraps involved (i.e. leftover pieces of fabric).

Traditionally a “scrap” is considered small pieces of fabric leftover from a project. Often times, scraps would be smaller than a Fat Quarter. But in terms of our event, we are considering “scraps” to be anything you desire to use. While we personally intend to focus on utilizing the fabrics we already have – scraps and yardage – we may, at times, purchase specific fabrics for a project. So in all frankness …. All fabrics you desire to use and the related projects are eligible for the event.

How do I join?

Simply complete the registration form here: LINK

How do I share the “Yes! Count Me In!” graphic?

Once you register via the link for the Scrap-A-Thon, the next step is to share the “YES! COUNT ME IN!” graphic below on your social media (Instagram or Facebook) page. Be sure to include the event hashtag #ScrapAThon2122. Two quick ways to share the graphic are (1) right click and save to your device then share, or (2) screenshot to your device then share.

Does it cost to participate?

The Scrap-A-Thon is a free event. There is not a cost to join. Your only expense is whichever sewing supplies you use.

Who can participate?

Everyone who sews can participate. Regardless of age, all sewing enthusiasts are welcome (encouraged) to join. If you can sew, you can join the event. The more the merrier!

I am new to sewing. Can I still join?

Yes! Whether you just purchased a sewing machine and are ready to learn or have sewn for years, you are invited to join the fun. Never worry about your skill level. We all have skills to learn or improve upon.

What projects do I sew?

The event is a casual sew along. You can sew any pattern you desire. Example: quilt, tote bag, wall hanging, clothing, organizers, doll clothing. You decide which patterns and projects to sew.

So, I can sew anything I want with whatever fabrics I choose?

YES! Absolutely! Our goal is to be creative and share our projects to provide inspiration and encouragement for others. Throughout the process, we learn new skills, color combinations, and design ideas. Connecting with fellow creative minds and being part of a community is the most important.

How much fabric will I need?

There is not a preset amount of fabric. Each participant chooses which patterns to sew.

What patterns are you using for the event?

We are selecting patterns as we go. Our inspiration binder is overflowing with ideas. We will use both paid and free patterns along with our own newly released patterns. Watch for our new beginner-friendly pattern series written especially for the Scrap-A-Thon.

What is the National Quilting Month – Scrapbuster Sampler event?

The year-long casual event will conclude March 2022, when we celebrate National Quilting Month, with the (optional) SCRAPBUSTER SAMPLER. A new block pattern will be released each day during March 2022. Sew along with us to create a celebration of quilt blocks throughout history. Whether you choose traditional color tones or a more modern palette, your quilt will be fabulous! Specific fabric requirements will be provided.

When is the event?

The 2nd Annual Scrap-A-Thon officially launched on 2022 April 1. It continues for one year – until 2023 March 31. It concludes at the end of National Quilting Month. Participants may join at any time.

Why is the event not held for a calendar year (January – December)?

The Scrap-A-Thon cumulates with the celebration of National Quilting Month in March.

What is “National Quilting Month”?

The National Quilting Association (NQA) began sponsoring National Quilting Day with a resolution passed by members attending the 22nd Annual Show in Lincoln, Nebraska, in June 1991. The NQA designated the third Saturday in March as National Quilting Day, but over the years it has been unofficially expanded to the entire month of March.

Quilters worldwide join together to share their love of the art of quilting. Common events are sewing bees, workshops, in-person sewing days, and online specials. The next National Quilting Day is 2023 March 18.

A bonus fact … March is also National Craft Month.

How often is the event?

The Scrap-A-Thon is held annually. Mark your calendars. Each event begins on April 1 and ends on March 31. Future dates include:

  • 2nd Annual Event: 2022 April 1 – 2023 March 31. Hashtag #ScrapAThon2223
  • 3rd Annual Event: 2023 April 1 – 2024 March 31. Hashtag #ScrapAThon2324
  • 4th Annual Event: 2024 April 1 – 2025 March 31. Hashtag #ScrapAThon2425
  • 5th Annual Event: 2025 April 1 – 2026 March 31. Hashtag #ScrapAThon2526
  • and so on …

Are you interested in seeing what others made for the first event? Search the hashtag #ScrapAThon2122 on Instagram for inspiration.

What are the deadlines?

Since the event is a casual sew along, there are not any deadlines except for the beginning date of 2021 April 1 and the end date of 2022 March 31.

Are there prizes?

Yes! We are excited to share there are multiple, wonderful, fantastic prizes from a variety of companies! Checkout these sponsors: Oliso, Make Modern Magazine, Thread Cutterz, Maywood Studio, Let’s Quilt Along, Hobbs Batting, and many more!

When are the giveaways?

Monthly giveaways are sponsored by quilting/sewing related businesses. Each giveaway is held for the entire month. The winner(s) is announced on the first of the following month. Example: Giveaway month April 1 – 30. Prize awarded May 1st.

How do I enter to win prizes?

Share pictures of your sewing projects on Instagram with the hashtag #ScrapAThon2223. Of course, it is appreciated when you note the event is hosted by @DayBrookDesigns and @LetsQuiltAlong.

To enter the monthly giveaways, do only the pictures shared that month count as entries?

A random winner will be chosen from each month’s photo entries submitted for the given month. All photo entries are eligible for the grand prize drawing of a sewing machine courtesy of DayBrook Designs and Let’s Quilt Along.

How do I share pictures of my projects on Instagram?

Following Instagram instructions, post pictures on your personal profile page with the event hashtag.

Is there a Facebook group?

Yes! If you do not have Instagram or simply would like to also utilize Facebook, we have group page just for you. The group page affords participants a simple place to gather and share pictures and encouragement.

To make the event more easily accessible for sewing enthusiasts, we have created a special Facebook event group. Click HERE to be redirected to DayBrook Designs Facebook page. Under “Groups”, you will find the “2nd Annual Scrap-A-Thon” group.

Am I eligible to win prizes?

All registered participants who share their sewing project pictures on Instagram with the event hashtag are eligible to win prizes. Participants may also share pictures on the DayBrook Designs Facebook group page. Each month has a designated album.

Must my project be completely finished before sharing pictures?

No. You are welcome to share progress pictures as you create a project. Of course, we definitely would like to see the completed project also.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still join?

Absolutely! Everyone everywhere is welcome to join! All registered participants are eligible to enter for prizes. The more people sewing and sharing means more inspiration for all to see.

When are the event newsletters sent?

Event newsletters are sent to participants on the 1st and 15th of each month. Mark your calendars. Sometimes such emails go into one’s spam or promotion folders.

Is there a list of all the Scrap-A-Thon event blog posts?

Yes. On our website under the “Quilt Along” tab, you will see the Scrap-A-Thon graphic. Click on it to view a list of all blog posts pertaining to the event.

What are bonus giveaway entries?

Throughout the event, we will share opportunities for bonus giveaway entries above and beyond your sewing project pictures. Watch for the bonus questions on our Instagram posts. Simply share a picture with the event hashtag and tell your response to the question. If the bonus question is on a blog post, comment on that post with your response. You are welcome to submit bonus entries anytime during the event.

I am participating in a different sew along. Can I submit my pictures from it for the Scrap-A-Thon also?

Yes! Most definitely! If you sew it, you can share it. You can count your projects for both the other host’s quilt along PLUS the Scrap-A-Thon. Of course, we want to see your beautiful creations.

I want to join, but my time is limited. Can I still participate?

Yes. Everyone’s schedules vary. Sew as little or as much as time allows.

How many projects am I expected to make?

You decide how many projects you sew. Maybe your goal is to complete as many works in progress as possible. Wonderful! We want to see them. Maybe you want to learn a new sewing skill. Excellent. Show us your progress. Or maybe you are like us and have either printed numerous pictures from Pinterest or sketched multiple designs throughout the years and are determined to sew as many as possible. Whatever your sewing goal, we want to encourage you and share in your joy.

I am a pattern designer. Can I participate?

Absolutely! All sewing and quilting enthusiasts are welcome.

Thank you for joining the 2nd Annual Scrap-A-Thon by DayBrook Designs and Let’s Quilt Along! It is going to be an amazing year!

If you have questions not answered above, please post the questions in the comment section below.

Happy Sewing!

Crystal Drummond



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