Queen of the Gadgets Blog Hop

Hey everyone! Have you been following the QUEEN OF THE GADGETS BLOG HOP hosted by @justletmequilt this week?

I think it is safe to say each of us has found a special tool that we most definitely would not give up. You know, that one tool which makes our creative time so much easier. What is your favorite sewing gadget (tool)?

After sifting thru our go-to stack of tools always kept on our cutting table, one thing was quite obvious … We love Thread Cutterz products! Whether it be their fun ring cutter or flat mount cutter, we use their products for every project.

Thread Cutters Ring Cutters

The ring cutters are available in a variety of colors and some are even bedazzled. What fun!



  1. A ring cutter is a new gadget to me…how could I miss this one! It looks like a fun and useful one to have and I love how pretty they are. Thanks for sharing, Crystal!


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