Scrapbuster Sampler: Block 22

The Grand Finale for the 1st Annual Scrap-A-Thon!

One of the joys of quilting is there are multiple methods to achieve the same result. For example: Block 22 can be created using all half-square triangles or you can reduce the number of seams by incorporating flying geese and square-in-a-square units. Today we will show options for each section of the block. Whether your choice is based on comfort level or fabric sizes available, the end result is the same. The goal is to enjoy sewing.

Here’s BLOCK 22 . . .

Block 22 consists of:

  • {20} half-square triangles (Pink Dots/Background)
  • {16} half-square triangles (Red Dots/Background)
  • Notice the placement of the various background fabrics.

Starting with the four corners and center …

Options include using half-square triangles (HST) or sewing a square-in-a-square (SIAS) unit. If using HSTs, each unit requires {4} HST 2-1/2″. To make a SIAS, use {1} square 4-1/2″ and {4} squares 2-1/2″.

Next, let’s create the 4 red arrow sections …

Option #1: Use {4} HST 2-1/2″ for each red arrow unit. Total {16} HST (Red Dots/Background) units required for the block.

Notice how they look like flying geese units.

Option 2: Create Flying Geese

  • {4} Rectangles 2-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ (Red Dots) paired with {8} squares 2-1/2″ {Background)
  • {4} Rectangles 2-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ (Background) paired with {8} squares 2-1/2″ (Red Dots)

Shown below the comparison of fabric pieces needed based on HST vs. Flying Geese units.

Here is Block 22 layout shown in sections:

Construct the block

  • Note: All blocks will be created using a 1/4″ seam allowance.
  • Create the units you desire to use: choose half-square triangles, square in a square, or flying geese.
  • Arrange units as shown below.
  • Sew neighboring units together to create rows. Press seams.
  • Sew neighboring rows together. Press seams.

Your block measures 12-1/2″ unfinished. Once sewn into a quilt, it will measure 12″ finished.

With your block completed, remember to SHARE it on INSTAGRAM with the following:

@daybrookdesigns @letsquiltalong #scrapathon2122 #scrapbustersampler

Copyright 2021 DayBrook Designs, Crystal Drummond, 1st Annual Scrap-A-Thon, 2021-2022.  All Rights Reserved.

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A quick review of the SCRAP-A-THON event details:

  • Online Quilting Event hosted on Instagram by DayBrook Designs & Let’s Quilt Along
  • Starts: 2021 April 1
  • Ends: 2022 March 31
  • Participants Must Be Registered to Qualify for Prizes (see link above).
  • Casual, Sew-At-Your-Own Pace Event
  • Choose Your Favorite Patterns or Sew Alongside with Us
  • To enter the giveaways, post pictures of your projects with the following:
  • Include the tags: @DaybrookDesigns & @LetsQuiltAlong
  • Be sure to include the hashtag: #ScrapAThon2122
  • Prizes, Prizes, & More Prizes!

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Copyright 2021 DayBrook Designs, Crystal Drummond, 1st Annual Scrap-A-Thon, 2021-2022.  All Rights Reserved.

Celebrate Your Unique Creative Style!

Crystal Drummond & the DayBrook Designs Team

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