In The Kitchen Stitchin’ Blog Hop

Good morning fellow quilter! Have you been joining along with Carla Henton of Creatin’ in the Sticks for the “In The Kitchen Stitchin’ Blog Hop“? It’s four days, April 19 – 22, filled with creative ideas to use in your kitchen.

When brainstorming ideas to share with you, one kept coming to mind …. potholders. I know, they are just potholders, but do you remember when potholders were proudly displayed on hooks in the kitchen? They were more than a necessity, they were part of the decor.

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Being a small project, potholders are fantastic for using scraps. Our favorite block for small scraps is the Scrappy Triangles from Leila Gardunia. She offers a FREE pattern – 52 FPP Scrappy Triangles – on her website. Click HERE for the free pattern.

Foundation paper piecing is a great use of scraps and tidbits. There is not any precise shape cutting but rather basic fabric placement. The 52 blocks provide a variety of designs. Some use larger pieces and others much smaller tidbits.

While the blocks pictured were sewn into a quilt for our past Gardunia Quilt Along, we are now using our scraps and long-time resident fabrics (you know the fabrics which have been around for a very long time). We are determined to utilize much of what we have large and small for the 1st Annual Scrap-A-Thon. What better pattern than the Scrappy Triangles to make use of the smaller scraps?

Will you be joining us for the SCRAP-A-THON? Click HERE for the introductory post for all the details. The focus of the event is to use the fabrics you love to sew the patterns you desire at the pace you enjoy. While we are focusing on using our scraps and long-time resident fabrics, we will celebrate with you new purchases. So the term “scrap” truly just means use fabrics you love.

Happy Sewing!

Crystal Drummond ~ DayBrook Designs


  1. Oh my goodness, I am in love with those beautiful scraps. Potholders are a great way to use up our “residents”. Now, if they all are this gorgeous, I know I will never actually use them. Just put them out for eye candy and beat off anyone who tries to dirty them. LOL!! Perfection!


  2. I had forgotten how my mom and grandmother hung those potholders for decorations. As beautiful as yours is, I’d hang it up too! Thank you for sharing! I hope your IG problem gets resolved soon.


  3. Those blocks will make great potholders for sure. I’m sorry I’m late to comment. I didn’t know you had a post. The link we used took me to your blog, but I didn’t realize I had to click on the blog button at the top. I’m sorry. I’m sure others thought the same as I. We will have to make it easier for others to find your post in the future. Thanks for joining the hop!!!


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