1st Annual SCRAP-A-THON

Event Dates: 2021/04/01 thru 2022/03/31. Bookmark: SCRAP-A-THON Landing Page. Links to all articles included in the ’21-’22 SCRAP-A-THON will be liked at the bottom of this post.

Copyright 2021 DayBrook Designs, Crystal Drummond, 1st Annual Scrap-A-Thon, 2021-2022.  All Rights Reserved.  www.daybrookdesigns.com

Hello fellow quilters! Do you find yourself surrounded by stacks and piles of fabric scraps? We love to sew quilts with beautiful new fabric yardage, but what about the leftovers? Those scraps that seam to grow and grow with no place to go, right? So let’s make the most of the tidbits! We are going to turn those wonderful smaller pieces into cherished quilts and usable projects.

You are invited to join us for the 1st Annual SCRAP-A-THON. We are celebrating the amazing art of quilting all year! The casual, sew-at-your-own-pace quilt along is focused on making beautiful projects you can use. We will feature quilts, tote bags, organizers, and more. You choose the patterns to sew – or sew along with us. The goal is to sew what you enjoy while using what you have. Of course, if you find the need to purchase additional fabrics, we most definitely will celebrate with you. Who doesn’t love a new tote filled with fabric goodies!

The year-long casual event will conclude March 2022, when we celebrate National Quilting Month, with the SCRAPBUSTER SAMPLER. A new block pattern will be released each day during March. Sew along with us to create a celebration of quilt blocks throughout history. Whether you choose traditional color tones or a more modern palette, your quilt will be fabulous!

Are you unsure what to sew? No worries! We are busy creating a special directory of free and paid patterns on our sister site at Let’s Quilt Along just for SCRAP-A-THON participants. That’s right! Sign-up for the SCRAP-A-THON and receive the link to the directory in a direct email. Tell your friends to register! They will want to be included.

Copyright 2021 DayBrook Designs, Crystal Drummond, 1st Annual Scrap-A-Thon, 2021-2022.  All Rights Reserved.  www.daybrookdesigns.com

You haven’t heard about Let’s Quilt Along?! No way! It is a (free) wonderful, supportive community of online quilters who enjoy quilt alongs, block of the month, mystery QALs, and basically any online quilting event.. With over 5,000 active quilters, there’s always lots of inspiration and new events just around the corner. Click HERE to connect to our sister site Let’s Quilt Along.

Are you hosting a QAL? Be sure to share news of your event with our LQA community. Click HERE to promote your next event. Quilters worldwide are eager to hear about your news!

Now back to the pattern discussion. Throughout the SCRAP-A-THON as designers share news of their patterns, the pattern directory will grow. Check back often for new quilting opportunities. Whether you are looking for a totally scrappy quilt design, a fat-quarter friendly quilt, or choosing bits from your yardage for a coordinated scrap quilt, there will be an abundance of inspiration from which to choose. Free and paid patterns from traditional to modern will be featured with a variety of techniques.

A quick review of the SCRAP-A-THON event details:

  • Online Quilting Event hosted on Instagram by DayBrook Designs & Let’s Quilt Along
  • Starts: 2021 April 1
  • Ends: 2022 March 31
  • Participants Must Be Registered to Qualify for Prizes (see link above).
  • Casual, Sew-At-Your-Own Pace Event
  • Choose Your Favorite Patterns or Sew Alongside with Us
  • To enter the giveaways, post pictures of your projects with the following:
  • Include the tags: @DaybrookDesigns & @LetsQuiltAlong
  • Be sure to include the hashtag: #ScrapAThon2122
  • Mark Your Calendar: 1st & 15th (EST) – Event Newsletter with Extra Opportunities to WIN!
  • Prizes, Prizes, & More Prizes!

Oh wait! We haven’t talked about the growing stack of PRIZES? Oh my goodness! The sponsors have been so generous! Do you know someone who could use more fabric? Helpful sewing tools? An inspiring magazine subscription? Who couldn’t, right?! If you are like us, you are thinking “YES! PLEASE! MORE FABRIC! I WANT TO TRY EVERYTHING!”. So, we do think alike. Isn’t it going to be a fantastic year sewing together!

Throughout each month, we will share news of another prize, which will be drawn for on the 1st of the following month. Example: We sew and share our photo posts with the tags/hashtags April 1 – 30 – plus complete the bonus entries. Then on May 1, we draw for a prize winner. You are eligible to win multiple prizes. All entries properly tagged are eligible to win the grand prize drawing.

What if we told you … Someone is going to win a BROTHER SEWING MACHINE courtesy of DayBrook Designs & Let’s Quilt Along?! Fantastic, right?! Do you know a new quilter who would appreciate their own machine? Or is your machine needing replaced? Or maybe you could use a convenient size machine for travel and retreats?

Well, the best way to gain entries to win the monthly and the grand prize is to watch for opportunities to enter. Each SCRAP-A-THON blog post and newsletter will share details for a new entry. Plus, following the instructions above (quick review), gain entries by sharing pictures on Instagram of your SCRAP-A-THON projects.

Since you have already registered utilizing the link earlier in this post, you are ready to begin entering the giveaway.

For your first entry into the SCRAP-A-THON growing list of giveaways, share the “Yes! Count Me In!” graphic below on your Instagram page. Either screenshot or download the image below, or go to our Instagram page @DayBrookDesigns and repost. Tell everyone you are sewing along with @DayBrookDesigns & @LetsQuiltAlong for the #ScrapAThon2122. Encourage your friends to join you for a year of creativity and fun!

Copyright 2021 DayBrook Designs, Crystal Drummond, 1st Annual Scrap-A-Thon, 2021-2022.  All Rights Reserved.  www.daybrookdesigns.com

Would you like a bonus entry? Comment on this post by answering the following question:

Do you prewash your fabrics?

Copyright 2021 DayBrook Designs, Crystal Drummond, 1st Annual Scrap-A-Thon, 2021-2022.  All Rights Reserved.  www.daybrookdesigns.com
  • Introductory Post Link – 2021 March 31
  • Frequently Asked Questions Post Link – 2021 April 22

Celebrate Your Unique Creative Style!

Crystal Drummond & the DayBrook Designs Team



  1. I do not prewash. BUT, I will cut a small portion of a red or saturated color fabric I suspect might bleed, and soak it in water to see if it bleeds. If it does, yes, I will prewash. 🙂


  2. I seldom prewash fabrics- only flannels, some reds or purples. It depends on what I combine them with. As of yet, I haven’t had any issues.
    I am excited for this incentive to use my fabrics.


  3. I don’t prewash unless it’s flannel. Or…if I’m making clothing then I would prewash. I do worry about reds and use a color catcher when I wash my sewing projects though.


  4. I used to wash everything. Then when I started using precuts that all changed. I managed to shop faster than I could dry (no dryer at this house 🏠, )
    I have recently been working my way through yardage and with a little more garment sewing I am going back to prewash.


  5. I used to prewash everything.
    Then I was introduced to precuts so quilting projects would be washed on completion. I found I could shop faster than I could dry (no dryer in this house 🏠)
    Then I got back into garment sewing, so the prewash and shrinking began. I have been working my way through yardage. Will be nice to have prewashed fabric again.


  6. I prewash most of my fabric since I often mix different brands and types , I don’t want to put all the work into something just to find it distorted or the colors run.


  7. I am a devout prewasher. I do not want shrinking! Plus, I like to work with some thrifted/repurposed fabrics, and those have often been washed a lot.


  8. I used to prewash everything. Then I was introduced to precuts and buying yardage for the stash, so it mostly went straight to the cupboard.
    I have recently moved back into garment sewing, so definately like to prewash / shrink before I sew. I am trying to get back into habit of washing before use as much as possible.


  9. I wash everything! That’s what my mom taught me. And the sizing and everything on the fabrics really bothers me, causing me to be a big, snuffly ball of head congestion


  10. I hardly prewash unless I’m making a quilt that maybe uses a very dominate colored fabric with white/light fabrics and I’m afraid it will bleed even with color catchers.


  11. I only prewash when sewing a garment. I like my quilts to get crinkly so I wash when complete. I prefer to purchase, cut and sew! 🙂


  12. It depends. Colors that test positive for bleeding (and then all the fabrics for that project) I do. Flannels if mixed with quilting cottons. Anything obtained 2nd hand usually is, but not always.


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