Seabreeze Quilt for the “Salt and Sand” Blog Hop

Copyright 2021 DayBrook Designs, Crystal Drummond.  All rights reserved.

Have you been following the beach-theme inspiration this week with the Salt and Sand Blog Hop hosted by Carol Swift of Just Let Me Quilt? With the season turning warmer, it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors – specially beach days!

Having moved from chilly Nebraska to sunny Florida eight years ago, we have the luxury of only a 45 minute to the beach. Some days one just needs to get away from the crazy city life and noises to enjoy nature. The best days are when dolphins or manatees are nearby.

Mornings at the beach enjoying a good book and listening to the waves crash on shore inspired the SEABREEZE QUILT. The blue sky shining thru the morning mist bringing forth a day of leisure and fun. Pinwheels always bring thoughts of a carefree child-like feeling. Our girls love watching the pinwheels blow in the wind.

Copyright 2021 DayBrook Designs, Crystal Drummond.  All rights reserved.

Grab your copy of the beginner-friendly quilt pattern HERE.

We would love to see your SEABREEZE quilts. Be sure to share on Instagram tagging us @DayBrookDesigns and the hashtag #DayBrookDesignsSeabreeze.

Copyright 2021 DayBrook Designs, Crystal Drummond.  All rights reserved.

Today’s HOSTS include:


  1. There’s nothing like a sea/Gulf breeze to have fun with or cool you down. When my sons were little we always tried to fly kites on Dunedin Beach on Easter, trying to tie it in to the Easter Story. It made all their northern cousins so jelous. Love your Seabreeze quilt, it’s now on my list.


  2. That’s a wonderful quilt and I can envision sand and salt when I see it. I envy your closeness to Florida beaches.


  3. That is a beautiful pinwheel quilt and the setting is gorgeous! How fun to have a beach close by. Thanks for hopping with us!


  4. Seabreeze is a beautiful quilt. We have to drive about 3 hours to our favorite beach but it is still our favorite destination.


  5. That’s a beautiful quilt. So nice to photograph it on the beach as well. Ahhh, pinwheels in the wind. You captured that essence so well.


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