Applipops – Flower Power Pouch

Hello everyone! Have you been following along on Instagram for the APPLIPOPS BLOG HOP? What a fun week of inspiration! Creative types from across the world are sharing their Applipops projects. For all the details, checkout our introductory post.

Haven’t heard of APPLIPOPS? You won’t want to miss out on this new tool. Start making excellent applique circles with this cool new tool. Bonus … Save 10% with the code “HOP“. Soon you will be on your journey making excellent applique circles.

Today we are featuring our FLOWER POWER POUCH. We all need a way to stay organized whether on the go or at home. Keeping your favorite tools together and easy to find makes working on any project more enjoyable. With Spring in the air, we couldn’t resist bringing some sunshine and new blooms to you.

Did you know March is National Quilting Month – plus Tea & Brie hosts the annual “Sew the Scrap Out of March” – and Amy Ellis hosts the Instagram Quilt Fest event? There’s so much quilty goodness happening this month!

Combining our love of quilting and tending to our flowers with our need to tidy our sewing space, we are looking for quick, easy – and usable – projects to make. Our hearts desire is to sew quilts but a lovely quilted pouch or tote bag is a close second.

Getting organized and staying organized is our goal in 2021. With any project it is easy to let the creative process overtake your space. If you are like us, you are eager to start the next project and sometimes things just get set aside to put away later. Add into the mix grabbing projects to take while traveling. Sometimes things just are not as organized as they could be.

To avoid losing our most precious tools in the midst of creating, we are utilizing custom zippered pouches. They are designed according to one’s personal taste with the fabrics, colors, and design. Of course, the most obvious is you can make them any size to fit your needs.

So let’s talk about the process. Over the years of teaching introductory sewing classes for our 4-H club and community, we have found a few ways to make the process easier.

First, use a pattern which makes sense to you. While my friends and I sew together, our styles are very different. Certain pattern designers or YouTube tutorials are easier for each of us to understand. If the writing style or visual demonstration speaks to you, use that pattern.

Next, to save time and achieve a beautiful diamond machine quilted effect, use pre-quilted cotton. Why pre-quilted? The stitch line is a great guide for your machine quilting. We pair the exterior fabric with the pre-quilted cotton. Lengthen our stitch from 2.5 to 3.5 due to the multiple layers of fabrics. We are ready to sew! No measuring and drawing lines.

Since, the quilting may cause your fabrics to shrink a bit. Cut both the exterior fabric and the pre-quilted cotton aprx. one inch larger than desired. Once quilted, trim accordingly. This ensure your pieces are squared up to the desired size and your project will fit nicely together.

And one of the most important messages about creating is … Make it your own. While everyone may be sewing the same basic pouch pattern, personalize your project to reflect your style. Whether you add hand or machine embroidery, buttons, or tassels, create to please you. If intended for a gift, consider your friend’s style. Creativity is endless when sewing. We wish you a fantastic week!

Crystal Drummond

DayBrook Designs

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