MCC – Febuary: Block 2 ~ Lemon

2021 Monthly Color Challenge ~ Patterns by Jen

Copyright 2021 February 1st - DayBrook Designs, Crystal Drummond - - February 2021 Monthly Color Challenge

Did you hear the news?! We are blog hosts for the 4th annual MONTHLY COLOR CHALLENGE hosted by Jen Shaffer ~ Patterns by Jen. Each month Jen will release a FREE PATTERN for a new MYSTERY BLOCK in 6″ and 12″ sizes. Throughout 2021, twenty-seven blog hosts will be featuring their favorite fabrics to inspire your quilting journey. Checkout the intro post (here). We will be sharing our blocks and helpful tips throughout the year.

First, let’s talk about safety when cutting our fabrics.

While I have been sewing – and using a rotary cutter for years – accidents happen. This past weekend, I failed to use my protective cutting glove. Suddenly the blade jumped the ruler and sliced across my left pointer finger. This could have easily been avoided had I simply worn my cut-resistant glove. In my confidence and haste to cut fabrics, I thought I was perfectly fine. Well, I definitely was not.

Copyright 2021 February 1st - DayBrook Designs, Crystal Drummond - - February 2021 Monthly Color Challenge

My husband, daughters, and I spent 5+ hours in the Emergency Room. After a Tetanus shot, literally 10 shots in my finger to numb the area, multiple stitches, and a huge needle with morphine because nothing was touching the pain, we went home.

The prognosis? Hopefully the large severed area will reattach but it is highly unlikely due to the severity and lack of blood flow. While extremely disturbing, the waiting to find out is driving me nuts – plus not being able to work on quilting projects. All this stress because I simply thought I did not “need” to wear the glove.

Fortunately, I have a wonderful husband and two teen daughters who “gladly” help me. They are readily available to assist with most anything. Okay, actually they try to be cheerful about helping with all my projects but I don’t think they realized all the cutting, typing, etc. I do each day.

I can’t stress enough … If you are using a rotary cutter, be wise. Wear a cut-resistant glove. Since sharing the mishap news on our online community sewing sister site – Let’s Quilt Along website (Instagram) – so many stories have surfaced of similar accidents. Don’t put yourself thru it. Stay safe.

Copyright 2021 February 1st - DayBrook Designs, Crystal Drummond - - February 2021 Monthly Color Challenge

Now, let’s get creative with the 2021 Monthly Color Challenge. This year’s theme is “fruits and vegetables” and a healthy start to a new year. So, this month we are focusing on Lemon (yellow).

This month’s block came together so easily. Isn’t it great when you can sew beautiful blocks without a lot of fuss? Playing on the “Lemon” theme, we chose a medium and a dark yellow. Ours is a bit more of a golden hue.

Important things to remember when sewing:

  • Use quality fabrics intended for quilting.
  • Press fabrics before cutting.
  • Make accurate cuts.
  • Sew a consistent seam allowance.
  • Seam rip if necessary to ensure a quality outcome.
  • Set and press seams throughout the process.
Copyright 2021 February 1st - DayBrook Designs, Crystal Drummond - - February 2021 Monthly Color Challenge

With the second block completed, let’s talk about the event details …

First, be sure to checkout Patterns by Jen to download the pattern. It is FREE for the featured month, then it will be available for purchase for $1.

BONUS ~ Jen has coordinated with fantastic sponsors to provide you with an opportunity to WIN PRIZES! The first quarter prizes will be awarded 2021 April 1. How do you enter for a chance to win a prize? Go to Patterns by Jen, then enter a picture of your completed block into the Link Up party that will be hosted on her blog the last week of each month.

Did you see all the incredible sponsors for the quilt along? Check it out! LINK

Now, let’s surf the net and be inspired by other quilters’ February blocks.

Mark your calendars! Let’s meet back here on Monday, March 1st for the third block!

Happy Sewing! Crystal Drummond

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