Tutorial: Basic Book Cover • “From the Heart” Blog Hop

Do you enjoy sewing quick, personalized gifts? Whether making something special for yourself or a friend, the “From the Heart” Blog Hop shares many wonderful options. Checkout the previous post for a list with links to all the blog hosts.

Now onto our featured project …


Book covers can be sewn quickly with a variety of design options.

For a quick project which uses just a bit of fabrics, a composition book cover is what we call a “hands-on” gift. It’s a gift one regularly uses. A $1 composition book becomes a designer notebook.

Download the project tutorial HERE:

10 thoughts on “Tutorial: Basic Book Cover • “From the Heart” Blog Hop

  1. Great idea to work with things that we all use. Who can’t use another notebook for writing things down?? Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

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  2. Such a cute gift idea…thank you for sharing! I have to admit, I had a hard time finding your link to this, which is why I’m late to your hop…sorry! Sometimes I struggle with things. LOL


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